The first rule for investing in cryptocurrency


The best advice for cryptcurrency investing

Warren Buffet stated a rule which should be your first rule of investing especially in cryptocurrencies, the rule says: "Never invest in something you don't understand"

There are so many people investing in cryptocurrencies while they can't understand two main things:

1) First: What is cryptocurrency?

Why it was made? What is the blockchain? and other questions related to cryptocurrency as a general field.

2) Second: Why exactly do you believe that from all the coins this coin will appreciate in value particularly?

What could act as proof of your hypothesis/Assumption?

So, If you continue investing in cryptocurrencies without understanding these two main things very deeply, you'll be wasting time, effort and for sure your hard-earned money.

If you are really excited about cryptocurrencies and how it has the power to change everything in our modern world, then educate yourself by reading articles, taking courses, learning technical analysis, and reading the news often.

It's good to know that cryptocurrency has changed people's lives to a life that is better 1000x, but only people who were keen on learning it.

If you needed a sign to start a serious journey in cryptocurrency, make sure to follow us for we'll be guiding you from A-Z, and Z is you being so wealthy and successful.

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