A new trick to get visits for your website or blog


easy way to get traffic for your website or blog

If yo have a website or blog, you already know how exhausting it might be to get traffic, especially after you launch.

Blogging is a great way to earn money, share information, and sell your products, but all your efforts will be in vain if you don't have enough traffic.

Right after you start your website or blog, you'd have 0 visits, no audience and you'd probably feel lost and you won't know where to start, now there are many organic ways to grow your blog like having a social media page, guest posting, and etc.

But, this wasn't what you came for, I assume you're searching for a trick that would get you some visits to encourage you to keep moving, and I got your back.

I've just discovered this method and it made me some decent visits so I came to share it with you.

We'll be using Site checkers to get your first hundred views:

So, what is a site checker?

A site checker is a service that tests your website to see what issues you have, whether it was technical issues, seo issues or any possible issue that is stopping you from appearing to search engines.

The best gain you'd earn is that you'll know exactly what your website lacks, and what you need in order to get thousands of daily visits from search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, etc.

So, write down the notes you get back from these site checkers, and know that by solving these issues and improving these points of weakness, you'll start seeing impressive results and a huge increase in your earnings.

The hidden advantage you get after all is what I'm writing about, and it's that for these site checkers to check your website their servers will visit your website to analyze everything, and these visits count as traffic somehow.

After pasting your url to a couple of site checkers, you'll get around 50 visits or so (according to how much site checkers you used) 

The good thing is; all these visits come from countires like: Canada, America, UK, and so on.

To recap this article: Use site checkers because you desperately need their tips and advice on how to improve your website, and as a byproduct you could easily get your first 100, or 1000 visits.

Hope this was helpful, and may you grow your website as much as you dream and reap the benefits of it.

Thanks for your precious time, and hope to see you here again :)

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