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how to become financially smarter

Ever wondered why people who win the lottery go bankrupt in no time?

Ever wonder why people could be making very great salaries but not save any of them? and because they never save they also never invest?

and this leads them to work 9 to 5 till they retire, no matter how well they were earning, they will retire broke?

The only answer to all these questions is because they fail to manage their personal finance.

The 3 steps to building wealth are very simple yet most people fail to apply those 3

1) Make Money
2) Save Money
3) Invest Money

Now making money is your own responsibility, but with the other two, this long article could really change your life in that matter

This article
is made up of very simple principles that you could apply in your daily life, so quit waiting and start reading and applying those principles, all it takes is one hour to learn how to better manage your personal finance.

waiting for you on the other side

getting out of a financial hole
1) When you find yourself in a hole:

The first principle has the title of "If you find yourself in a hole" and you'll know exactly why after a minute.

You might be in debt like almost everyone now, and being in debt is very stressful we all know.

It's not something you could forget even if temporarily, it keeps haunting you all the time and will ruin your well-being.

Most people don't know exactly what got them in debt or what happened for them to reach such a bad financial position, and it's the real disaster here.

but hopefully, through this crash course, we'll figure it out together, and solve your financial problems day by day.

Warren Buffet once said a quote that perfectly fits on debt, he said:

When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging

If you still can't get it, I could explain:

Probably what got you in debt was your buying decisions,
you buy things with your credit card when you don't have enough money to, it's
even worse when these things aren't needs, just some unnecessary fancy products.

So now since you're in debt, you're in a financial hole, so what is the first thing you could do? As Warren suggested: To stop digging! To not make your financial position worse, and to stop buying things on credit, ESPECIALLY UNNECESSARY PRODUCTS.

This principle as simple it is, it never fails, and if you put it into action, maybe your life won't change 180 degrees at once, but at the very least you won't dig deeper, and you won't get yourself into even worse financial position.

By not digging deeper you get to stabilize things a little and start getting out of this hole.

cutting the loop become financially smarter

2) Cutting the loop

Let me tell you a short personal story that made me change my perspective about many things:

When I was 14 years old, it was the very beginning of advanced smartphones, and I was totally obsessed with smartphones.

I was following smartphones' latest news and checking every mobile.

Every time I said: "This is it, I want this mobile"

I find an even better one, so I say to myself no I want this one, and as you assumed after a day or two I'd find an even better one

Here I understood that this is a loop that will never end.

There will always be newer and better products, and that if you buy the latest for example a mobile phone now after a couple of months it could be less than normal.

So, if you'd go with the "latest products" the "most fancy" ones, you'd never have enough, you could actually go like this forever till you go bankrupt.

To be able to cut this loop you need to follow a simple principle:

"Seek Functionality"

So instead of thinking about buying the latest mobile, try to think what do I need the mobile for, what are the most features I need in a mobile?

For example, I'm searching for a mobile with a decent camera and a good battery at an affordable price.

When you know exactly what you want, you never turn again to thinking like me when I was 14

The mobile was only an example but really this principle would apply anywhere.

To recap:

"Don't go for the latest products or the fancy ones, seek functionality"

once you carry your own water, you will know the value of every drop

3) Once You Carry Your Own Water:

One of the most important lessons to learn about money is: how valuable it is and what it's capable of doing.

Remember when we were younger we used to spend our parents' money easily, but when we had to earn it, we knew that we have to spend it wisely.

This is a lesson for people who still live with their parents and aspire to be financially free; you have to earn your own money to know its real value and start becoming wise with it.

See that, we can waste much water without even realizing it, just because we have access to running water all the time.

But, would you waste this amount of water if you had to walk 3 miles to fill a couple of bottles like in most African Countries?

The famous quote says:

"Once you carry your own water, you'll know the value of every drop"

It's almost the same with money, and that's why you have to earn every dollar on your own!


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