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 The cryptocurrency market is literally on fire now, and more people are adopting the technology every day, public figures like Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, and Mark Cuban are buying cryptocurrencies, and most importantly, people are making millions out of it

So, we couldn't argue that this is the best time to get yourself involved in the cryptocurrency thing, especially that right now you'll be an early adopter, and early adopters in disruptive innovations are always winners!

When I first knew about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency thing, I was 15 or something, and I was just amazed, I knew from the first glance that in the near future, no one will use fiat currencies and that the whole world would depend on it if you can't assume why I'll give you some reasons:

1) You could send money to someone in literally 3 seconds.

2) It's very safe, safer than a bank's vault.

3) The transaction fees are non-existent compared to traditional transaction fees.

4) You could either buy it, or mine it, so if you don't have the money you could use your computing power to earn some money.

5) You could make great profits just by analyzing coins, being an early adopter to a couple of them in which you believe a great potential is found, and wait for a while till it reaches more people, then sell and make profits.

6) You don't lose your money when the central bank prints money, there is a definite maximum supply that can't be exceeded.

7) It could be used to make great fund-raising, donations, instant investments.

8) Also it made "Creating Wealth" possible, by adding new money to our financial systems.

There are many other reasons, but just not to make this article longer, we'll move to the next part.

Now, I mentioned that when I discovered cryptocurrencies I was 15 years old, and while I had great faith in its power, I didn't have enough money to invest in it, fast forward now, almost all coins that I encountered have made unbelievable profits.

You might be so excited to invest in cryptocurrency but don't have enough money to, or you want to like try a free taster then decide for yourself, and both ways, we got your back.

So, Coinbase that is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform gives out free rewards, as a marketing campaign for some cryptocurrencies, and all you need to do is sign-up from here, go to the home, scroll down till you reach rewards, click and start earning.

What do you do in order to earn?

You basically watch either short videos or shorter slides that have little information about the coin, you watch or read this information then click next, and congratulations, you got your rewards :)

Why do I believe this is a great opportunity?

Although Coinbase surely won't give you 1000 Dollars at a time but will give you 2-5$ worth of the coin in exchange with maybe 30-120 seconds of yours (Which is a great compensation definitely) and also this 3$ worth of for example XRP could be 30$ someday (depends on the performance of the coin and some additional information.

Also what is great about it is that it lets you experience a coin, know deeper about it so you could invest later if you see it as a promising opportunity.

In shorter words, investing isn't the only way to acquire cryptocurrency, you could earn them, simply by signing up from here and verify your identity, then start earning, and since it costs 0 dollars and even gives you decent dollars every day, what do you have to lose?

I really hope this was helpful, I wish you the greatest luck with the cryptocurrency's world, and see you soon :)

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