Forget About Overnight Success


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Most people (Me included) are accused of wanting to grow rapidly, of being an overnight success, or make the next booming project, but is that what we really need?

If you had a marketing agency, and you made a perfect campaign that got you SO MANY clients, you'd be happy right? I bet you won't.

Having too many customers while you're not ready will only disturb your business, you'll have more clients than what you could possibly handle, and as a result, you'll deliver awful work, and will lose most if not all of your customers, and you'll end up having nothing, that really maybe you were more successful when you had only 10 consistent clients that you perfectly handled.

When people talk about success, they almost always talk about the bubble type of growth, someone who was just having nothing and after a couple of months he achieved all of his dreams, became filthy rich, or any other need, that is what they're talking about.

Bubble growth, smart goals, how to achieve great things, sustainable growth, entrepreneurship

As you might form a big bubble in no time, it could also explode in no time, because as they say: "Easy come, Easy go" and I believe that's true.

I'm not saying that people can't achieve much in short time, but even if they did, it won't give them the best results, because someone who succeeds fast builds a great ego, which will surely get him down on his knees, unlike when you achieve small daily tasks, do your best to grow in a healthy way, have a solid infrastructure, and making sure your business is SUSTAINABLE.

You see people always talking about sustainable sources of energy, because we need to build something we could rely on, we need to make sure that this source of energy will continue to exist and still be beneficial.

The goal was never to succeed fast and then fail fast, it's a long journey and you should be ready to sacrifice whatever for you to achieve all of your dreams, and be the person you wish to be.

Nothing could beat small winnings, consistency, reading daily even if 5 pages, working out every day even if it was a 5 min run, 5 push-ups or whatever, writing even if an article per day, watching even a lecture of the course you wish to take, the bottom line is; SMALL WINNINGS ARE UNBEATABLE, SEEK SUSTAINABILITY, NOT THE BUBBLE GROWTH METHOD.

I wish you a great successful life, and may you achieve all of your dreams, and be the best version of yourself, thanks for your precious time, and I wish to see you again soon :)

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  1. I really wish everyone could read this article and apply these principles, keep up the great work


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