How to get 100% off premium courses on Udemy


How to get 100% off premium Udemy courses

Udemy is like Youtube but for courses, it has over 250,000 courses on all subjects, from Development to Business, and from Sales to Psychology, EVERYTHING.

Udemy has free courses as well as premium courses, the problem is that free courses most of the times are awful,short and brief, unlike premium courses which are most of the times awesome, comprehensive, has everything you need.

So today, I got you two ways to get premium courses on Udemy Completely free, and those are the best ways available.

1# Android App 

If you have an android device, then I highly recommend that you download SmallAcademy on Playstore (Click to download) 

It has premium courses that have a promotion code with 100% off, meaning you pay 0.00$ for every course and you don't even need to put your credit card or smth, as I said, Completely free

2# Website 

If you have an Apple device or you're using your laptop, then I highly recommend that you go for Coupon Scorpion.

Coupon Scorpion is the largest library when it comes to premium udemy courses with 100% off promocodes, and it's pretty easy to find what you're searching for exactly there.

So, that was all for today, I wish you a great learning journey, and may you complete all the courses you enroll in and claim their certificates.

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