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Today, I want to expose a website that I find very helpful for blog owners and people who are willing to build advanced blogs and make a living out of it, I personally hate long introductions but I felt it's necessary to write this disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Blogging isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, in fact, it might take you months even to be profitable and earn a dollar/day, everyone who is saying that you could earn thousands of dollars by blogging initially is probably trying to sell you something, maybe an illusion.

Blogging is only suitable for people who really love it, who do it out of passion not to make money out of it, and it's a kind of a long-term investment that really pays off if you're patient, consistent, and tolerant.

I wish you the best of luck with blogging ❤

Now, let's get back to our website for today, and it's a website called "Brandnewblogs", but what could it provide?

1) Free Traffic - Real Visitors:

Brand new blogs offer you to be a partner for free, not like a partner in profits but they get traffic for you, and they list your website at their homepage which results in you getting traffic for free ( Which I tried myself and generated 30% of the traffic for me initially, don't expect to get thousands of them initially but the goal is not absolute traffic but better SEO results, real visitors and so on)

As I said, they do this completely for free except that you install a small banner for their website on your blog, like a free ad, and that way you both have a win-win situation, you're helping them with traffic and they're doing the same for you, and you both don't spend a penny but enjoy benefits.

2) Blog Evaluation:

This is a sample of their evaluation, and it helps you get to know what exactly you should improve for better results, they also could help you with it

Website evaluation blog evaluation brand new blogs

3) They have answers to your questions:

Brand new blogs have an awesome forum, where you could ask questions and other people will answer you, and the other way around.

This could be a double-benefit; meaning that you could ask questions and get answers, or provide answers and get (traffic-referrals-affiliate selling-publicity) and much more, you should try this one!

4) Great Inspiration:

If you need inspiration, it's non-logical to take it from a website that has hundreds of people working on it to make it look that way, it's often better to take inspiration from people who are either at the same place you are or ahead of you, and I often look at other blogs to see what else could I provide, what could I make better, what people are really seeking and what has proven to make an impact? How did they make the best use of the little to no resources they had? 

All these questions you should ask yourself while exploring these websites and make sure you'll be having great results hopefully.

5) Awesome Resources:

This might sound like I'm affiliated with them someway or the other, but this is not true, I only have a positive honest review for some reasons: 1) I know how stressful it might get to start a blog not knowing what to do and how to get readers, how to generate traffic, how to monetize your blog. 2) Because I really knew so many methods and tactics from the content they provide, as they have great articles on how to earn more money from your blog, make it more optimized for SEO, monetize your blog, and other relevant topics, in addition to themes and plugins.

So, I really don't want to make this long, I believe you've known all that you should, and now it's time to head to Brand New Blogs and benefit to the max from all the great services they provide for free.

I wish you a great successful life, and an impressive career with blogging if you're really into it, may all your writings go viral, and thanks for your precious time ❤

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