How to never lose an important thought & organize your life

 If you're like me, you love to take notes all the time, save links, or prepare content, then for you sure you need a reliable solution and a great free service.

Here comes Google Keep that is by far the best free note keeper on the entire web, and what makes it a great is that you could:

1) Label notes to get relevant entries in one place

2) Change the color of the note to the color related to the topic(like for example you could make unfinished articles purple, currently being written in red, and finished articles in yellow, really helpful)

3) Real-time synchronization between all your connected devices

4) It could help you make a check-list and other features.

Why are you even still here it's great and free, Go ahead download "Google Keep"s mobile application on IOS or Android

Hope this was helpful and thanks for your precious time.

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