Money Is Not Growth, Growth Is Growth


Money is not growth, Growth is Growth

Ask anyone what does he lack, and he'd never tell you for example to have better managing skills or to think more clearly, he'd almost always say "Money".

He'd also follow and say "If I only had _______ dollars, I'd have made __________ & ___________ and bought _________ & ____________" and he could talk for a couple of hours about what he can do using this amount of money, but there's a clear reason for why he doesn't have it.

We often think that the only thing we lack is money, the only obstacle is not having enough of it, the only needed element for happiness is earning more money, and that not having much of it is the only thing holding us back, but that's definitely wrong.

Many people were once millionaires and lost all their net worth to bad spending habits, and many people had the ability to build empires but when they were destroyed, they didn't have the ability to build new ones.

Being rich isn't one of my interests, I'm here talking about being wealthy, and being wealthy requires:

1) Consistent learning and development

2) Skills and experience that you can use to earn money

3) Healthy spending habits

4) Good tracking of expenses

5) Budgeting

6) Diversity in your sources of income

7) Efficient investing strategies

8) Holding back your desire to buy certain things

and much more, but what is the point of mentioning this anyway?

The point is, the last thing you lack is having money because earning this amount of money is a result not the process itself, my humble advice for you is to stop thinking about money for a while and think more about:

1) Finding a job that you enjoy doing !!!!!!!

2) Investing in yourself

3) Learning & consistent development

4) Living your life to the fullest

That's all for today, hope this was helpful and I wish to see you here again

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