There are million ways to earn money, so choose the ones you enjoy


Million ways to make money

I started my professional life by searching on google about "Ways to earn money online" 

when I was 12 years old, and I kept reading, that I've encountered a million ways to make money, and tried many of them, and most of the times I didn't earn a dime.

I'm only saying this because as I just said, after reading all ways to earn money, I had so many of them, and my mind had the ability to generate more than what I read, some adjustments to regular ideas, and boom! You have a great idea at your disposal.

After 8 years, I was sure that there are endless ways to make money, but you won't be consistent at it except if you really love it, if you chose it from between those million ideas, something you already enjoy doing, and won't even feel like working, as I'm enjoying writing this article right now.

It  was Mark Twain who said: 

Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Also, I've read once a quote that says: "It's not how much you make, it's how you make it" and when you think about it, you find that it really makes sense, because someone could be doing 200k/Year but is working 12+ hours a day, doesn't have a good social life, and not spending much time with his family, compare him to someone else who for example paints and sell his paintings making 80k/Year but living a good life, satisfied about what he does.

I've had so many opportunities to make much more money than what I'm doing now, and I turned down most of them, because I'd better write articles and earn a dollar/day than to work a job I don't enjoy.

I know this article could be somehow disturbing to some people, but after all that's only my opinion, it's not a fact, but since we spend most of our life working, we should choose wisely, and find a job that we enjoy.

May you find your dream job if you didn't yet, and make the best out of it :)

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