What Is The Best Way To Earn Money Online?


What is the best way to earn money online

Q.3: What is the best way to earn money online?

I know that this isn’t the answer you are searching for because people tend to seek definite answers and reliable information, which is an illusion.

However, I insist that there is nothing like “the best way to make money online” because, since our interests, characters, and circumstances are different, it’s impossible to find a way that everyone can label as “the best way.”

Developing a source of income is more important than what people usually think; money shouldn’t be the goal. Although I know it sounds cliché, I believe it’s a matter of passion, pride, and even dignity.

When you get to know someone for the first time, you usually say my name is: …….. ……. and I work as a …… or I’m a manager at …….. or I own ……..

So you literally mention your work and occupation right after you mention your name.

Also, no one can stop talking about his career/job/work or occupation because everyone is the hero in his own story, and work is a great way to show off these heroic abilities.

To sum this up, don’t ever search for the fastest, best, or most guaranteed way for anything; know yourself, know what you’re interested in, what you believe in, what you could sacrifice your life for, and choose something relevant based on your own point of view.

In the end, I hope you find your dream job and occupation; I wish work never feels like a burden for you and that it becomes your superpower and source of inspiration. Best of luck :)

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