Are you close to your goal of your net worth?

 Are you close to your goal of your net worth?

Q.12: Are you close to your goal of your net worth?

I know it sounds cliché to the greatest extent, but you’ll never be close, NEVER.

For money-oriented people, money is a matter of lifestyle, a huge Wishlist of fancy products that would make you seem impressive, it always reminds me of this photo

rat race

When you’re earning 100k/year you’ll just wish you could be earning 200k/year and how everything would be different for you, how comfortable you’d feel, and how fast your financial issues would vanish, and we all know that is a closed loop that never ever ends.

I’m fully aware that wealth is freedom, the ability to liberate from most things that people are usually forced to, either for the lack of money or to keep their job, etc.

Means that for sure I don’t want to be poor, but once I read your question I remembered the quote Bob Marley said which was:

"Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end."


Thinking that way always creates a virtual obstacle that you don’t need at all, be happy with what you have first, be grateful for all the blessings you have before wanting more.

My final advice is and I really mean it:

 "Do what you love and never chase money, because it will keep running."

Enjoy the journey because when it ends, your life will end as well, you’ll be nothing, nowhere to be found, and you’ll leave everything behind your back, none of your assets would matter.

May God grant you eternal happiness and make your happiness intrinsic and not linked to any external resource, not money, not people, internal happiness :)

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