What Is The Best Lesson Your Parents Have Taught You?

What is the best lesson your parents have taught you

Well, I’ve been so lucky to have the best teacher ever in the form of a father and a mentor, and the two most important things that are kindly related are:

1- Living below his means:

I know my father could afford at least 10x better life considering all aspects, if he spends 1x he could spend 10x instead, and buy all fancy products and the latest car, etc.

but, instead, he chose to be financially stable, have an emergency fund, has a savings account to be secure if things went wrong like while the pandemic ruined everyone’s financial position, he wasn’t affected at all, because originally he is living below his means.

2- He never thought about impressing anyone:

Humans have a constant tendency to impress other people, to deliver implicit messages that I’m doing better in life than you, I’m better financially or socially or whatever.

My father told me when I was 12 if I wanted to buy a car, and I could buy a Lada in cash, and a BMW on credit, every single time I’d choose the Lada.



I’ll forever be a student in my father’s presence, and I’ll live to learn some of his great principles so I could excel in life.

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