Can I Get Paid To Listen To People's Problems Without A Degree?

 Can I get paid to listen to people's problems without having a degree in psychology

First: You could try searching for platforms that provide this service, people hearing your problems and you paying for it, then you could find a tab that says join us, work with us, etc. ( I think I’ve encountered such a platform before)

If you didn’t find any, try making your own service even if in the easiest way possible like making a website with blogger, making zoom meetings with your clients, and stating very clearly that you don’t have any degree in psychology and that your job is to ONLY hear them and not give them any kind of advice.

I’d assume that there are millions of people who could pay for such a service, because we all have a desire to let out and express our feelings, even to strangers, and they’ll even see it as an opportunity.

Try making an MVP which is the minimum viable product, the simplest form of your service using the least resources and try landing your first customer, if you did so successfully, you’ve earned yourself a successful business.

I wish you the best of luck with your idea and may it turn into a very successful business.

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