Can I Start My Own Business As An Android App Developer?

Can I start my own business as an Android app developer

You could DEFINITELY start your own business as an Android developer.

I’ll give you a simple example that is highly profitable.

There is an application on PlayStore that is called SmallAcademy, This application is very simple yet it generates hundreds or even thousands of dollars every single day using ads, simply by providing courses on Udemy with 100% off promo code, the application only displays some icons and when you click it redirects you to the link.

I personally open this app every day and I watch at least 3–4 video ads on it, and there are thousands like me checking every day with new courses.

I’m only giving this example to clarify that it’s easy to make a business out of your talent; Android development, and that’s kind of good news.

The other part of the story is, you need to combine other skills with programming to start a real business because probably at first you won’t have enough money to do a paid marketing campaign so you need to learn the marketing fundamentals and do it yourself.

If you’re selling any kind of product or service you’d need to learn the sales fundamentals too, and to make a good-looking app you should learn the designing basics, and so on.

This might seem a bit scary, but believe me, it’s not, you could learn these skills in a relatively short time, and it differs an employee from an entrepreneur, an employee has one certain job and a definite role, but an entrepreneur is a do it yourself kind of a person, and this is what you need initially before you could make some money and build a team.

It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but believe me, after a couple of months you’d be so thankful to yourself you took this decision.

I wish you great success with your entrepreneurial journey :)

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