Do Books Motivate You To Achieve Your Goals?

Do books motivate you to achieve your goals

Books surely could help, but before answering your question let us dive deeper into what motivation is:

There are two main types of motivation:

1-Extrinsic motivation

2-Intrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation is the kind of motivation you get out of a song, a movie, a video, or a book, an external source of motivation that usually doesn’t stay after a couple of hours or even a couple of minutes.

While Intrinsic motivation is the internal type of it, it is the motivation that goes from inside you, and this is the kind of motivation you need the most because it stays for a lifetime usually.

You should have crystal clear goals that you aren’t willing to give up on, and you should also know the why behind each and every goal, like why do you want to become rich? Why do you want to become a successful writer? and so on.

So to sum this up, a book might help you get motivated in the very short-term, and it might help charge your intrinsic motivation, but you could never depend on it, unlike intrinsic motivation which keeps getting renewed every single day once you visualize yourself achieving those goals.

I really hope this was clear and helpful, and I wish you a great successful life.

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