Can You Start A Successful Business Without Planning?


As weird as it seems, I do believe it’s possible.

Not that someone won’t plan anything at all, but he might just put the wide lines and figure out the rest while working.

Trial & Error is the oldest way we humans used for learning, just remember how a child learns to walk, by trying and failing hundreds of times.

I also do believe that sometimes Trial & Error could make you needless of any other way of learning because many things have become common sense even in business, as your mind is seeing similar patterns all the time so it turns to something you subconsciously know.

Also, it’s the most effective way in my perspective because the lesson you learn by trying and failing you never forget, also because you then become more specific and picky about learning, you learn exactly the thing you believe you have a problem and need help with.

So, I’d recommend a combination of both, but I’d rather start a business now and fail fast than wait 5 years till I put the magical plan, as perfectionists might do.

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