How Difficult Is It To Become Musician?

 How difficult is it to become musician

I shouldn’t answer this question since I’m not a musician, but I’ll do answer generally speaking.

I do believe every work is hard work, and I’ll give you an example of the type of work that everyone label as the easiest:

Almost everyone believes that being an influencer is the easiest kind of job because you get to open your camera, say a couple of words, go to a restaurant eat and make money while you are leaving, get products for free, and say a couple of good words about it and make money as well as the products.

But, does it really work that way?

As an influencer, you spend a couple of months or years growing your fan base, creating content daily, you should have great confidence in front of the camera, you probably have to edit the videos, you’ll have to learn marketing to get more followers, and most importantly, for AT LEAST the first year you won’t earn a single dime.

So, getting back to your example, any kind of work is hard work, I don’t care what you do or what you want to do, I’m sure that whatever work has its own kind of challenges that most people can’t see, and these challenges aren’t revealed except to people who have done this type of work.

If you’re passionate about being a musician then I highly recommend you keep going chasing your dreams, because while every type of work is hard work, choose the hard work you love.

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