How Do I Get A Job Reading Books?

How do I get a job reading books

 I asked myself this question a couple of years ago but, in a slightly different way, I said to myself “How could I learn and earn for it”

I’m in love with learning, in love with the idea that a person can raise himself and level up with knowledge and constant development, and my whole life was a trial to make a living out of it.

There isn’t a direct way to earn money out of it, but here are some suggestions:

1-Working as an audiobook narrator online.

2-Making a youtube channel where you make book summaries.

3-Creating a blog where you write the most important lessons/point of each book you read.

4-Re-write a shorter version of the book in your own way.

5-Combine lessons from different books and write your first book.

6-Publish a digital book on Amazon kindle.

7-Creating courses out of books, for example, if Rich Dad Poor Dad has 100 lessons about managing your finances then you could turn it into a course on finance.

and as you try a couple of these suggestions, you’ll find another way to cross your mind.

Earning for your own learning is a revolutionary idea that I won’t trade with the world’s money, so I highly recommend that you do this for real :)

I wish you the best of luck with making a living out of your apparently most entertaining activity.

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