How Do I Overcome The Unforeseen Fear Of Quitting A Job?

How do I overcome the unforeseen fear of quitting a job


Quitting a job is for sure a stressful idea, but let us dive deeper into why quitting your job is a stressful thing.

For most people, their salary is their only source of income, which makes it a huge hassle to take the decision and leave their job, simply because they would be cutting their one and only source of income, and it’s a scary idea, to be honest.

But, I guess you could overcome this fear by staying in your job for a certain period of time, and start building a side income, I don’t know what you are working but I’m sure you could make a side income out of the skills or knowledge you have, no matter how simple it is.

Besides, saving an amount of money as an emergency fund or having a savings account will make you feel more secure, cut unnecessary expenditure, cut buying unnecessary products, and you’d have surplus money.

While your side income grows day by day, you’ll get closer to quitting your job without fear or at least with less fear.

I know how hard it could get, but imagine what life looks like after you quit a job that you apparently don’t love.

and I wish you the best of luck doing so.

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