How Does Your Philosophy Improve Your Life And Decisions?

How does your philosophy improve your life along with the decisions that you made

I’d say that your philosophy doesn’t necessarily improve your life, as the philosophy you develop could even lead you to somewhere that is unpleasant.

So, my answer is, it’s a bit more complicated because your philosophy doesn’t necessarily improve your life but it rather shapes your life.

I’ll give you an example:

My philosophy is that happiness comes 100% from the inside, and I could buy nothing that would make me happier in any way.

As a result, I focus on what I could improve in myself, workout more, take care of myself and look better, learn more, do more of the things I enjoy, I focus on everything that helps me grow and feel better from inside.

So, as a result, too, I save a lot of money by not buying unnecessary fancy products, I have no desire to impress other people because remember happiness comes from inside, I’m not feeling miserable because I can’t buy the latest phone, car, or whatever.

I could go like this forever to make it more clear how your philosophy literally shapes your whole life and character because we are a byproduct of our beliefs, thoughts, and ideas.

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