How to always keep yourself motivated?

How to always keep yourself motivated

This article will address the question I received the most; "How do I keep myself always motivated?"

There can be millions of ways to do so, but today I'll suggest a single principle that can drive drastic changes to your life.

Before we talk about motivation, let's first ask what makes people give up?

One thing I see people doing wrong over and over is; getting attached to the results, not the journey; a wrong definition of success caused this; that success is all about the results you get.

If someone, for example, has a goal to lose weight and reach their ideal shape, they tend to think that getting their excellent shape is what should be referred to as "Success," while success is all about the journey, not the result.

Success here lies in every day this person goes to the gym, eats less, runs or walks, avoids eating chocolates no matter how he loves them, gets out of his comfort zone, and stays disciplined to his goals!

Everyone wants to be a millionaire to prove he is successful right? That's because they think being a millionaire (the destination) is what we refer to as a success.

The great Brian Tracy said:

"It's not becoming a millionaire that's important; it's the person that you must become in order to become a millionaire."

He completes:

"You have to become a completely different person, you have to develop a character beyond 99% of the people in the world, you have to develop honesty, and discipline, and quality relationships."

The number one reason I see many people giving up on their dreams is that they know the results are so far away from this moment that it may take two years to achieve their goals.

But, the secret sauce of success is being fully aware that both success and joy exist in the journey, not in the destination, because after all, if the trip wasn't joyful, then the goal has no value.

Terminate thoughts that suggest sacrificing your whole life for this desired result; it will rob your entire life.

Find joy in going to the gym, the pain that makes you grow, working hard on something you're passionate about, and embracing the pain.

Remember that the journey takes a lifetime, while the result is only a page of your entire story, so don't get attached to results but instead the feeling of greatness you get while working hard on yourself.

Let your motive be pride that from between the millions who said: "we'll start tomorrow," you took a serious step towards your goals and passion.

That's a promise from me to you that; if you genuinely fell in love with the journey, had definite goals and purpose, you won't ever give up on your dreams, and you'll always be motivated.

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