How To Earn While You Learn

How to earn while you learn

I believe that education is the mother of all good; enlightenment, liberation, and wisdom come with education.

Between all the catchy & attractive things in this life, I fell in love with education; the ability of someone to change his whole life with knowledge, that if I were to choose only one thing to do forever, without a doubt I'll choose learning.

If you're into learning and development, you'll find that you may have a wishlist of 1000 books, tens or hundreds of interests but, where do you get time to pursue your learning journey if you have a full-time job?

I mean, you still can learn while having a full-time job, but I'm here talking about people who find their passion and joy in learning.

Through my journey, I've discovered a couple of ways to make someone pay for your own education or to earn money while or through learning:

1) Being A Researcher:

Many companies now demand researchers; many websites connect companies and researchers, just like but made explicitly for research.

Working as a researcher is one of the best jobs you could have if you had a real passion for learning!

You discover hundreds of topics & revolutionary ideas.

You stumble upon mind-blowing statistics that reflect the co-relations between phenomenon and cause.

You become humble despite all of your knowledge because you know it's <1% of the knowledge available.

You become ready to find an honest and accurate answer for whatever question you have through your research skills.

Check this article   


2) Learning with the free time of a full-time job:

For most jobs, you might have to work 8-12 hours, but the actual time you work could be 4 hours; the rest of the time, you're either waiting for a customer, or you're just checking your phone.

If you use this time to learn new skills and practice them, I swear you'll make unbelievable progress In your life.

I used to work as a salesman at a real-estate agency that sells indoor; most of the time, we had only 2 customers a day per salesman.

So, we spend only 2 hours with our customers, and the rest 6 hours you're just doing nothing.

Instead of just hanging around, getting yourself involved in gossip and negative talks, you can just use this time to learn and excel in life.

I decided then to use my time as much as possible to learn and develop myself, and it's really awesome when you can work on yourself while having a full-time job.

Check these great educational apps that could let you use every minute of your free time to learn and do more.

10 excellent educational apps

3) Blogging:

I have had a great interest in personal development since I was almost 12; I wanted to learn more about how I could do and be better.

After a couple of years, I became interested in learning new techniques and strategies and teaching them to other people.

I first had an interest in learning, then in teaching, I found blogging which fulfills all my interests.

With blogging, you can do miracles for real, and it's not all about the profits; it's about the journey.

* Meeting people online who have the same interest.

* If you want to start a business, your first step could be reaching people through blogging and writing about the core topic.

* If you want to learn more about a topic, the best way is to write about everything you learn, that way you won't forget it.

* You can achieve endless goals through blogging if you know how to do it right.

At a certain point, you'll even be paid to write and share your knowledge; you'll get paid to shout out other websites, platforms, or apps.

It's one of the best life hacks that can let you do what you love, learn about what you're interested in, and even get paid for it.

If you want to know more about earning money from your blog, check this post with the best resource.


That's all for today, I hope this helped you to take a step in whatever path you chose, and I wish to see you here again ❤

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