How To Kill Your Fears?

How to kill your fears

It's no wonder that we all have our unique forms of fear, whether it's common, like the "fear of heights" or things that aren't generally feared.

Whatever the form of your fear, there's one principle that will help you overcome your fears and terminate them eventually.

This principle is: "Run Towards Your Fears":

See, our fears naturally result in us avoiding what we are afraid of, which only makes it worse, and the more we avoid these things, the more fear we generate.

On the other hand, when we try to challenge ourselves and run towards our fears, we overcome our fears bit by bit.

It's all about getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself daily with something that makes you uncomfortable.

It may sound like just some attractive theoretical words, but I'm telling you: "It's not"

I suffered from social anxiety, which we can label as: "fear of socializing, or fear of people.", and just as I said, any fear makes you avoid the cause of it, so I isolated myself and barely showed up.

I started overcoming social anxiety by constantly challenging myself; when I found myself avoiding a certain event, I challenged myself & tried my best to go for it.

I kept doing this, and with every challenge, I became closer to killing my fears.

I did this until I worked as a salesman, meeting people every day and making successful deals with them, this wasn't easy for sure, but it was worthwhile.

I'm in love with the quote that says:

" All limitations are self-imposed."

The more you think about it, you'll find that it's true; we often imprison ourselves in mental jails and believe that we can't get out when the truth is our belief that we can't was the actual jail.

But, it's time to kill your fears and challenge yourself daily with slow but practical steps!

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