How To Use Death As Your Greatest Motive?

 How to use death as your greatest motive

Most people escape from even discussing the idea of death out of fear, and they consider it a pessimistic topic as if they'll live forever if they ignore thinking or talking about death. In contrast, death could be your most significant motive in life; how?

I'll tell you how.

When you're having a significant problem that seems to have no way out, try to remember that you'll die someday, you'll find that this problem shrank and got way smaller, more accurately; returned to its normal size.

Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple Inc.) said:

"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."

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If you accept it, the idea of death can terminate any fear you have because, as Steve Jobs said: "You have nothing to lose" and that there is "No reason not to follow your heart."

Do you want to start a business but are afraid of failure? What could you lose? Both ways, you'll die someday.

Want to make a career shift but are afraid you're not going to succeed in your new career? What could you lose? You'll die someday.

You could apply this principle to almost everything in life.

If you changed your perspective towards death, you'd find that thinking about death helps you:

If you, for example, had an argument with someone and thought that you might wake up someday and he's gone forever, you'll find that you have a strange ability to forgive him.

If you keep reminding yourself that you won't live forever, you will waste much less time and value your time 1000x higher.

The idea of death is not pessimistic; it's a fact that we all know and live every day so, ignoring even the topic and being afraid to talk/think about it isn't the wisest decision.

Remember that if you change your perspective about death, you'll find that it could really be your most excellent motive, like, for example: Making every day count.

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