I Own Nothing Except What I Wrote


I own nothing except what I wrote

I don't mean to discourage you in any way but, did you know that you'll forget everything you have learned from this book you're reading now?

Do you know that after finishing this educational course the same thing will happen? you'll forget most of the content after a couple of days and forget all about it after a month or a couple?

But, If this was the case always no one could have learned anything, and the answer for this question is "taking notes"

Yes, I was right when I said you could forget everything you learned from a course or a book, but you'll remember everything right after you read the notes you took.

At the very first of my educational journey, I was taking notes, but because I was in a hurry to finish many courses I stopped taking notes, but after taking more than 100 online courses in different fields I found that I had nothing remaining except a general idea about what was the course about, and the notes I wrote sometimes.

There are thousands of thoughts that cross your mind every single day, most of them are just random crossing thoughts, but what is the destiny of the remarkable ones in between? Where do these revolutionary thoughts that you knew had the ability to change much just if you saved it somewhere?

These thoughts will simply fade away if you didn't keep them, you lose it forever between the crowd of thoughts.

Nothing has remained even of the days I lived except what I learned and wrote, and my description of these days in my diary.

So my first message is: Read, and my last one is: Write!

Write the revolutionary thoughts that crossed your mind, write your worries and troubles so you could let them out and overcome them.

Write your unique definition of everything even if you found millions of other definitions.

Write your own philosophy in life, which is for sure different than all others.

Write to learn and spread your knowledge, write to cure your wounds, write to live, and live to write.

Leave your fingerprint with your writings.

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