Should I Drop Out Of College? I'm Earning $240,000 Per Year Trading.

 Should I drop out of college I'm a second year currently earning $240,000 per year trading online.

I could totally understand your situation, and I’d say that you need a solid ground to step on, it could be a university degree, but not necessarily.

Trading is a high-risk kind of job, for example, if you’re trading on cryptocurrency the whole market could crash and it will very soon, and if you’re trading on stocks you might encounter a financial crisis like what happened in 2009 and we all witnessed.

So, you need a stable source of income I’d say, away from trading.

Dedicate some good portion of your money for a long-term investment that should pay you a kind of business, just for the sake of example:

Investing 5000$ in a dropshipping website so you could earn 500–1000$ a month.

If you were successful in making a passive income out of it, hiring someone to do it for you or so, you’ll be surely a winner because you won’t lose your time, you’d get a kind of a stable source of income each month, and this website will be subject to leverage also which means after a couple of years it can be a million-dollar business.

We all need multiple sources of income because nothing in life is guaranteed, ESPECIALLY TRADING.

I wish you a very successful life whether you chose to get a university degree or not.

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