What Careers Can I Study For 100% Online?

What careers can I study for 100% online

Okay, I got a great answer for you but, bear with me:

First: you should know there are currently more remote (online) opportunities than offline, and really when it comes to freelancing and working remotely the sky is the limit.

But, since you still don’t know what to study, I want to give you advice that worked for so many people.

I want you to think of it the other way, instead of searching what to study in order to work, search for what to work in order to study, I’ll give you very simple steps:

1-Open FreeLancer

2-Browse the website and search between different categories.

3-Start analyzing how much is the hourly rate for each kind of job.

4-Start writing down what made you curious and kind of excited (let it be for example UI designing and data analysis)

5-Go to youtube and watch an introductory video on both jobs, to know what is required, what you’ll be doing, and what it’s all about.

6-Select one that you felt more excited about after you watched the introductory video, and start taking a crash course about it ( a crash course is usually 1–3 hours)

7-A crash course will either make you 100% sure about it and you’d have taken the first huge step in your new career, or will let you search for something else, and if after the crash course you didn’t feel like going on then you’ve actually saved yourself much time and would have also learned something, it’s not a problem, try again with a different skill.

As simple as these steps seem, I swear they could be lifesavers, and they could solve many of the problems people encounter when they don’t have an idea about what they want to do.

In the end, I want to say that whatever career you’d choose, I wish you a great successful life with it.

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