Where Does Most of Our Problems Arise From?

Where does most of our problems arise from?

I believe most of our problems arise from ignoring what we know for sure.

When you look closely, you find that we know all the facts:

• We know that procrastination will keep us behind in life, yet we procrastinate sometimes.

• We know that success requires hard work, yet we sometimes choose to stay lazy and delay our tasks.

• We know that success requires great consistency, yet we choose to seek overnight success.

We can innately classify our actions and whether they help us grow or stand as an obstacle in our path.

But, as I just said: Our problems start when we ignore what we know for sure.

We also know the consequences of each of our actions, yet we tend to ignore them.

So, What do we really need to do now?

First: To be honest and transparent with ourselves:

Being honest can save us from falling into unnecessary problems, as we often use our intelligence against ourselves.

Second: Preventing the occurrence of chaos:

You know that if you keep buying things on credit, you'll probably fall into debt, so instead of waiting for the chaos to happen, change something, you don't have to fall into debt before you realize that you have financial issues.

Third: Face it instead of trying to escape:

We're all aware of our problems, whether personal, professional, financial or whatever.

But, we often seek easy solutions, so we end up avoiding our current problems till they turn into disasters.

While avoiding your problems can make you feel better in the short term, it could ruin your whole life in the long run.

To sum this up: I'll use an extreme example but one that should stick to your mind forever.

Problems are like cancer; if you do regular checkups, you'll detect it earlier, and curing it becomes more accessible and probable.

Unlike when you discover it later, it turns into a disaster, and then curing it, even if possible, will cost you much more.

Be transparent and honest with yourself, check up on yourself regularly, and seek to cure your diseases.

May you always pull yourself towards success and well-being.

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