Why Do Most People Fail To Change Their Lives?

Why Do Most People Fail To Change Their Lives

One of the most important reasons people fail when they decide to change their lives for the better is that they tend to go to extremes.

It's no surprise that all that we care about is personal development, whether we're aware of it or not, because who doesn't want to get better mentally, emotionally, and financially?

But, we're all biased when it comes to change as we tend to seek drastic changes, the kind of 180-degree ones.

Most people overestimate significant instant changes and underestimate tiny consistent changes; we tend to forget the power of a 1% change.

One of the main reasons we do so is because we don't think of change till we reach a terrible situation or position, then we start thinking about changing what we did for years instantly, which is apparently impossible.

Just like you don't hit the gym or care about your health except when you gain tens of additional kilograms, then you start thinking about taking care of your body, and when you realize how far you are from reaching your "ideal shape" you start searching for things like "how to lose 20 kilos each week"

Another reason is The black or white mentality, the kind of mentality that either desire to reach the top or nothing at all

We put a great burden on ourselves by either aiming incredibly high or not having an aim at all.

What you're trying to do when you're thinking that way is something called Exponential growth; which is trying to grow from 0 to 100, and this makes all your goals unrealistic while keeping you disappointed all the time as you always feel no progress.

If you changed this idea by aiming to grow from 0 to 1, and from 1 to 2, which is called progressive growth, you'll be surprised by the number of achievements you can have, without feeling that your goal is a burden, and your goal will be 100x closer to reality.

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