How To Invest In Cryptocurrency Without Experience And Earn Everytime

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency Without Experience And Earn Everytime

When I started making profits from trading, many people asked me how I could earn money from cryptocurrencies without experience.

When I started making profits from trading, many people asked me how I could earn money from cryptocurrencies without experience.

At first, I thought it was impossible and that they had to learn for at least 1 year, then this bot proved me wrong!

Trading cryptocurrencies is all digital now; you trade using an app connected to the market in real-time. You have options to stop loss or gain profits executed automatically by bots, and everything about trading is computerized.

While there are many great technical analysts, it's hard to find someone professional who will help you if you have less than 100,000 dollars, that's a big number already, but they work with more significant numbers. 

Therefore they won't waste their time if you have less!

This article is divided into 7 short parts; make sure you read till the end so I can answer all of your questions, as you will find the answers below.
number one

Let's start with the most frequent question, isn't trading risky?

We can't have a solid answer for this question, as it depends on who is trading and how he does it; there are many strategies that, if you apply professionally, trading won't be risky, like:

* Diversification (Investing your money across many coins and tokens)

*Keeping a portion of money steady to buy if prices went down

* Dividing your investments into different risk levels (very risky, risky, stable, and so on)

These are only some simple examples of trading principles, but for humans, you can always forget a principle or not apply it even though you know it; we humans can mistake, but it's not possible for bots.

All these principles can be labeled as "Portfolio Management," which this bot can make in seconds professionally and effortlessly!
number two

The second most frequent question is: How can we know if this coin will appreciate or depreciate?

The answer simply is Technical analysis.

According to Investopedia, Technical Analysis is:

A trading discipline employed to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activity, such as price movement and volume. 

In shorter words, it's expecting the price of a particular asset based on the historical data, and the surprising fact is; it works almost every single time!

In a world where artificial intelligence is getting better every day, I'd assume you'd have the answer for yourself if I asked you; Who can process millions of data pieces and execute based on the results faster, humans or bots?

Exactly, that's why bots are super effective when it comes to trading, which is all about processing data, endless possibilities, and executing as fast as you can.
number three

The third most frequent question: Are bots always better than humans when trading?

The answer varies based on who is the trader and how many years of experience he has, what he has learned, etc.

The only problem with bots which is not always a problem, is that they always choose to play it safe.

A professional trader might risk it for a high potential return, but bots tend to earn much less than the "risky" trader.

On the other hand, they also lose much less than the risky ones.

An overall: bots can make you impressive results without ever having to work or stress about the prices, and even if it did record a loss caused by a market crash, it can always hit back and earn a profit as fast as the market rise again.
number four

The last frequent question is: Can bots still lose money? Or do they earn every single time?

This is a great misconception about trading in general; a professional trader never will make a profit every time; it's all about earning more than you lose.

To earn a profit, you just have to win 6/10 of the time, and you have to choose your deals carefully so that when you make a profit, you gain more than you could've lost!

For example, making orders that you'll lose only 10% of your investment if it goes down but gain 30% if it goes up is all about the ratio.

But, bots can be at least better than 90% of traders, and the other 10% will never work with you except if you're willing to invest a million-dollar or more.
number five

Where can I find a great bot?

After analyzing many different bots, I chose Shrimpy, which has a robust trading bot focused on automated portfolio management and long-term portfolio growth.

You start by connecting either your wallet or your exchange account (they have all exchanges available). 

They handle everything for you; it's easier than any platform I've dealt with, but still, you can ask me in the comments if you have any questions!
number six

How much does Shrimpy cost?

As the prices are very low compared to what it can provide you, let me explain how they can give you such affordable prices:

A trading bot can cost literally millions of dollars; they invest tremendous amounts of money just to have such a powerful bot, so they can earn a fortune from it afterward.

So, instead of paying this amount alone, they let you and thousands of other users pay for it as a kind of partnership, so they can then upgrade it all the time, making it faster and more efficient.

They can give you such affordable prices because this bot can handle millions of accounts simultaneously and effortlessly!

trading bot pricing

So, they have 3 different packages:

1-  Starter pack: 19 dollars.

2-  Professional Pack: 79 dollars.

3- Enterprise pack: 300 dollars.

shrimpy trading bot

Now, I want you not to focus only on the first pack; why?

The starter pack has more than enough features, and it's more than reasonable to go with, and you need to try for yourself before you go all-in.

You should start with the starter pack, then when you've already made profits and are ready to increase your earnings and invest more, you could subscribe to the professional package.

I suggest that you don't subscribe to the professional package except when investing 800 dollars or more.

After all, I've said about how great Shrimpy is, I don't want you to expect that you'll become wealthy overnight; this doesn't happen except when you invest significant amounts.

It's a balance between investing as much as you can and patience; the more you invest, the less you'd have to wait.

However, remember that we are here to succeed in the long term; we're not looking beneath our legs; we're here for the slow but for sure!
number seven

The last frequent question is: I really want to invest, but I don't have enough money, what should I do?

Remember that you're provided a great opportunity by living in this golden era of making money effortlessly; you have to start somewhere; investing even 50 dollars is always better than nothing.

Cut drinking if you do, quit smoking if you smoke, cut the unnecessary purchases and the fancy products you buy to impress people.

You can build a fortune by saving and investing in cryptocurrency, as we all are sure it's the future of money.

I'm sure you have enough money to start building wealth; it's a matter of assets allocation, not a lack of funds!

To start your trading journey with Shrimpy, click the image below, and I wish you the best of luck and an extraordinary journey. 

shrimpy trading bot


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