What Is The Metaverse? This Will Make You Rethink Everything.

What Is The Metaverse?

This article answers the question everyone has been asking lately: "What is the metaverse?" Read thoroughly to get the whole picture. 

Shaan Puri, an entrepreneur, investor, and top 50 podcast host, says, "We're all wrong about the metaverse."

He divided his answer into three main parts, and we'll be discussing them now:

Part 1: Everyone is wrong about the metaverse:

Most people think a Metaverse is a virtual place, like in the movie Ready Player One.

But, what if it's not a place?

Part 2: It's not a place; it's a time:

A time? Are you kidding me?

There's an idea called "The singularity" in Artificial Intelligence; it's a time when artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans.

The moment when AI > Human Intelligence.

Part 3: What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is the moment in time where our digital life is worth more to us than our physical/actual life.

That's not an overnight change; it's been happening gradually for the last 20 years.

Every critical aspect of our life is going digital; as you work from laptops instead of factories, you meet people through social media way more than you do in real-life, and the examples are endless.

It's even shocking to know that more kids play Fortnite than Basketball and Football combined.

We will cross into the metaverse if we play this forward another 10-20 years.

It's the moment in time where digital life matters more to us than our physical life, and it's already happening now.

Our attention used to be 99% on our physical life, TVs dropped it to 85%, computers down to 70%, phones to 50%.

Screens sucked our attention from physical to digital, and where attention goes, energy flows.

If 50% of our attention is on our digital screen, 50% of our energy will go to our digital life.

Everything goes digital; You're friends, jobs, even identity.

Now with cryptocurrencies, your assets are online too.

Bored apes are the new Rolex, and Fortnite skins are the new skinny jeans because if we all hang out online all the time, then our flexes have to be digital!

As for identity, filters are the new makeup; stories are your billboard to broadcast who you are.

What matters more to you, how you look in real life? Or how do you look on Instagram?

instagram vs reality

This image from Insider shows the differences between the same photo in reality and on Instagram using filters. The only result people care about now is the "final product" or how people see them.

The upcoming years will change everything about the world we know, and you never know how it will turn out.

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