Flow Of Cash From Poor To Rich Unnecessarily: Introduction


Flow of cash from poor to rich unnecessarily

This series focuses on the situations where cash flows from poor to rich people unnecessarily.

In a capitalist world, the normal thing is flow of cash from poor to rich people, as rich people invest into assets and companies that produces our goods and services, and most people are just consumers.

The flow of cash from poor to rich people can't be eliminated, although the continuous occurrence of this flow results in making the rich people richer, and the poor people poorer.

But is there anything that we can do about it?

Well, as I said, this phenomenon can't be terminated, but we still can move towards having more control over it.

The thing is; the benefits from doing so over a long period has more to provide than economic benefits or impact, as money represents not only wealth but also authority.

This series will try to address all the situations were cash flows from poor to rich people unnecessarily, the amazing part is that they're all situations were you lose your money, time, and effort just to get seriously damaged.

By applying what this series recommends, you move towards rescuing yourself, and the world.

The last thing I have to say before we start this series is that; you are rewarded intrinsically for your trials, not for the results, as some people might say: "If I do this, I wont save the world, because everyone else is still doing otherwise".

So, this is a friendly reminder that you're only responsible for yourself, not for the rest of people.

We hope that you enjoy reading this, and end up applying these principles for your own good and sharing it as well.

May you lead a happy and successful life, and thanks for your precious time.


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