How Can I Live With Maximum Time To Pursue My Passions Without Selling My Life To An Employer?


How can I live with maximum time to pursue my passions without selling my life to an employer

I've had this question since I was almost a child, and I think I successfully found a way to do so.

As you might know, there are two main different kinds of income:

1- Active Income: It's the income you receive by working actively, by showing up at your workplace, by spending eight daily hours.

It's conditional income; you'll receive compensation if you work now.

2- Passive Income: It's the income you receive by previously investing your resources to something that generates money.

Your resources can be: Time, Effort, Money, Expertise, knowledge, and typically a combination of all of them.

There are endless misconceptions about passive income, but it's still the only way to live your life without selling it to an employer.

It's the only way to OWN your life and pave the way for building wealth and living freely.

You can learn so much about building wealth, passive income, and managing your personal finance by viewing this free playlist; I hope you'll enjoy it and that it will change your life when it comes to money.


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