What’s Your Method Of Creating Ideas That Work?


What’s your method of creating ideas that work

To start as small as possible.

There’s a human tendency to go for extremes, for example, to quit their job if they’re feeling miserable instantly, take a loan and start a business if they have a business idea they believe it’s excellent.

Most people fall victim to the black or white mentality; they tend either start something and give it their all or not start anything at all.

I found every time that starting “as small as possible” can be one of the greatest approaches ever discovered, knowing that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This all started when I first knew a term or an idea called the “MVP,” which stands for Minimum Viable Product.

Instead of making expensive feasibility studies to forecast the success of a potential project, a company tries its best to start very small to test the market, know the clients’ feedback on a particular product or a service, then decide whether they want to proceed or not.

I believe you can apply this idea in all life aspects; it makes you start instantly kill the doubts without sacrificing everything for a potential win.

An example is:

Instead of quitting my job to start a career in graphic designing, I can stay in my job and start an online course while keeping my job, and instead of taking ten lectures a day, I can only take 2.

This way, I haven’t sacrificed my job, and at the same time, I acted on my dream of being a graphic designer.

I hope this was helpful; I wish you a great successful life, and thanks for your precious time.

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