Rich Dad Poor Dad: Financial Education Is Your Greatest Asset


Rich Dad Poor Dad: Financial education is your greatest asset

According to Robert Kiyosaki the author of this book; money isn't your greatest asset, but rather your financial education.

People become richer when they become more flexible, have an open mind, and learn, and people who think they only need money to become rich usually never become rich!

Ask anyone what do they lack and they'll almost always tell you: Money, but no one will ever tell you I lack knowledge or experience, they never even realize that there are solid reasons for why they aren't rich yet, because they'd rather blame it on anyone or anything else, except themselves.

Robert Kiyosaki says:

"Intelligence solves problems and produces money, and money without financial intelligence is quickly lost"

Financial Ignorance

Robert Kiyosaki recommends having knowledge of:

Accounting - Investing - Markets - Law - Bidding

Marketing - Leadership - Writing - Public Speaking


If you need to know only one thing today, you need to know that:

Financial Education Is Your Only Way To Financial Literacy

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