Rich Dad Poor Dad: (The Rich Make Their Money Work For Them):


Rich dad poor dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the most popular books, most people who dream of building wealth have read this book, and we're here today to reveal the first essential lesson from this book!

We highly recommend that you read this book, as it can significantly impact your financial knowledge and perspective, which will be helpful if you're trying to build wealth.

1) The rich make their money work for them

Time is limited, and the amount of effort you can exert in a day is limited too, but what is unlimited? Money!

Opposite to what everyone thinks, we don't lack money at all; it's the exact opposite, we have an endless supply of it.

We have three main kinds of resources; the most important one is time because time consists of your life; you die when your time ends, then we have your energy, and it's your ability to achieve anything, the amount of patience, persistence, and willingness you have, then comes money, which is the least important.

What is the reason I put money at the end? I'll tell you:

As I said: Your time is your life, and you die when your time ends, so what happens if you have money but no longer have time?

Your energy is your ability to achieve anything, whether physical, like going to the gym, or intellectual, like writing a book; whatever you're trying to do requires energy.

So remind me, what happens if you have money, but you don't have the energy to do anything?

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Let's get back to some bullet points, so I can make sure we're on the same line:

*Your time is limited.
*Your energy is limited too.
*Your money isn't limited if you put it into work.

If you're relying on Active Income then you're essentially relying on your time and energy that are again;limited.

Active income-regular job

That's exactly why the rich make their money work for them because it's the only possible to build wealth.

Making your money work for you is what we know as Passive Income, and I'm sure you've read this term a thousand times before, but are you sure you know what is passive income?

passive income

Most people think that passive income is money that comes "without work", and that's totally wrong!

It's a different metric than what an employee is used to, so instead of getting paid for your time, you're getting paid for the results you get, the goals you achieve, or the value you provide!

It's a shift where you work for achieving a goal instead of working to achieve someone else's goal and get an hourly wage.

A great example is a youtube video; you might put 20 hours to get out an impressive youtube video, but then you can get paid for it to infinity.

There can be millions of examples, but the main message we have here is again:

Put your money into work, it doesn't require much money either, you can always start wherever you are, because putting money into work doesn't always mean investing in stocks or cryptocurrency, but it can also mean buying courses, investing in yourself, marketing for your website/channel/blog, etc

The main idea is to use your money as a tool where it can work for you, and help you grow!

I hope this was clear, and I hope it was helpful too.

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