The 3 Main Psychological Drivers For Any Human Being!


Three Main Psychological Drivers

While a man can have thousands of motives or reasons to do anything, we can return them all to three main psychological drivers that shape our actions, and as you know, our actions shape our life!

Those Three Main Psychological Drivers Are:

  • To feel loved

  • To feel important

  • To belong

Understanding these three main psychological drivers is crucial for your daily life, as you can use it to know the reason behind your actions, and other people's actions too.

The problem is not trying to fulfill these needs, because we all as humans have these constant needs, but the problem is when you try to fulfill them in the wrong way.

For example, the need everyone feels to have money and be wealthy is either to feel important or to feel loved, and both reflect a disaster!

It's important to understand that you are important despite the amount of money you have, and you should have your own metrics for evaluating yourself, for example, my metric of feeling important as a writer is the amount of impact I can do on readers' daily life.

Having your own metric won't let you fall into evaluating yourself with other people's metrics, that are irrelevant to your goals and purpose.

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