What Akon Said About Bitcoin?


Akon, Recording Artist and Producer said:

“Bitcoin is going to change the world from a money transactional standpoint, not just for Africa, but for everywhere.”

Akon is not only an artist, he is a philanthropist, one of his most popular projects is Akon Lighting Africa

Akon charity


They even say:

Akon has done more for the people of Africa in one year than all of the charities in the past 30 years combined, by providing solar energy to 80 million Africans in 14 African countries

What made Akon say this about bitcoin is; most people in Africa don't have a bank account, therefore they can't make a wire transfer, so aren't able to either buy or sell online, either products or services!

Imagine what could happen if more Africans got involved with our the world's digital economy? If Africans entered the freelancer market? There are great opportunities that bitcoin will allow to take place all over the world!

Tell us in the comments what can bitcoin add or change to your country?

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