What Do You Lack? Money Or Knowledge?


What do you lack? Money Or Knowledge?

Try to ask any of your friends the same question; What do you lack? Money or Knowledge?


Most of them will tell you money, and they might talk with you for 2 hours about how if they have the money, they will build their imaginary projects and duplicate this amount of money multiple times, but the truth is; there's a clear reason they don't have the money!


Humans love to blame other people, circumstances, and anyone or anything except ourselves; we want to avoid guilt and responsibility; it's easier to say I'm not successful because I was born poor than to say I'm not successful because I'm lazy!


Norman Vincent Peale said it best when he said:


When you blame other people or other things out of your control, you're only giving yourself excuses to stay just as you are now, unlike when you put the blame on yourself and start analyzing what you need to improve or change, you then level up in life!


Make sure you ask yourself this question often; "What Do I Lack? Money Or Knowledge?"


Then remember that not having enough money is only a result of not having valuable knowledge.


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