Why curation on Steemit is SUPER IMPORTANT


Content Curation On Steemit

Have you ever asked yourself about how much impact we have on social media by our likes, comments, and shares?

Every piece of content has a message to deliver, but do we ask ourselves what exactly is it?

The one thing I loved about Steemit; is that only quality content makes its way to the top, a piece that took its writer decent effort and time, and his goal is to deliver value.

We all have a great responsibility towards curating content, not only on Steemit but everywhere; we should help people who provide real value to get exposure, instead of dumb videos and posts.

Also, when you treat curation as a responsibility, you read and watch closely, which gives you a great understanding and a greater critical sense.

You have to dislike content that contains hatred, violations, nudity, or Copyright infringement.

You also have to support valuable and genuine content to rise and reach more people.

Will you count yourself responsible for it?


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