Stop blaming others

As humans; we have a tendency to blame other people and circumstances for everything in our life, we hate to admit that we might be part of the problem, if not all of it.

You'd often find people saying things like:

"If I had the amount of money he has; I can do the impossible"

But, the reason you will hear this sentence a lot; is that we hate to admit that we lack discipline, consistency, self-control, and knowledge. We hate to admit that we didn't do our best!

A personal example is that I suffered for too long with financial issues, and I thought that the only reason I'm having these issues is that my income isn't high enough, but turns out that I used to have a bunch of self-destructive habits that make me waste my money on cigarettes, drugs, or hangouts!

Self-destructive habits that keeps you broke

Hold yourself accountable for your actions, and make better choices today, and every day!


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