How To Build A Second Brain?


How To Build A Second Brain?

How many times have you forgotten things that were important enough for you to forget? How many life-changing ideas have you had then forgotten?

I believe this happens hundreds of times every day, but what if I told you I have a way for you not to forget anything again, will you believe me?

God gave us extraordinary cognitive abilities, and our memory can save tons of information they say; our memory has enough space to hold a movie that is 300 years long, but at the same time you always fail to remember where your keys are at.

We live in the age of distractions, you open Instagram for example, and between one post and the other there is a world of thoughts and feelings, we flood our minds with details forming an overload on it.

The idea of a Second Brain is having a different place than your mind to store thoughts!

Your second brain can be a journal or a sketch, but it can also be an application on your mobile like Google Keep, and during this article, we'll be focusing more on your digital second brain as it's more efficient, as you can search easily and synchronize on multiple devices, etc.

Do you forget about social events? Let your mobile remind you.

Do you forget your home's requirements? Save it on your mobile.

Do you forget the great business ideas that cross your mind? Write it down on your mobile.

Do you forget everything about a book you just read? Take notes.

Any thought that is worth keeping, you have to write it down; that way you'll never lose it!

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