It Starts As Pleasure, But Ends As Agony


It Starts As Pleasure, But Ends As Agony

Your journey with drugs almost always starts with great pleasure, you think you've just discovered a magical way to be happy, laugh louder, and enjoy your time.

It's just a matter of days before you understand what you got yourself in!

Addiction is agony; it's being controlled by drugs, spending all your money on drugs, having a whole network of addicts as your friends and acquaintances, feeling guilty each and every night, and hoping that you can someday give it up.

Dare yourself to sit in your house and lock your door for straight 4 days as a detox period; so you can empty your body of drugs, and start a new life of recovery and healing, I believe you can do it but my belief isn't important.

What's really important is do you believe you can do it?

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