The Illusion Of The Last Shot


The Illusion Of The Last Shot

Every drug addict has tried several times to quit drugs because deep down every consumer or addict wishes that he can give up these toxins and live a clean life.

But, we often find ourselves bargaining with ourselves, having a small negotiation; like saying: "I'll quit next week"; even tho we all know that one week of taking drugs is like going 10 steps down; 10 days of feeling miserable, powerless, and hopeless!

Another form of bargaining is saying to ourselves:

Okay, I'll quit drugs, but at least I have to take my last shot"

This last shot is an illusion every addict creates for himself, and the reason why you get back to drugs a hundred times after a hundred "last shots" is; that you still aren't aware that drugs have destroyed your life, memories, and relationships, health, and well-being.

Drugs have wasted your life, and you only have what is remaining, will you allow drugs to take what is remaining??

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