We Only Regret It When We Don't Do Our Best!

We only regret it when we don't do our best!

Try to reflect on any of your past experiences, and you'd find that you have never felt guilty when you did your best, even if you didn't get what you wanted; because just by knowing that we did our best we are kind of satisfied.

Even with people, I always find that I'm ready to give up on people easily because I know I did my best to keep them, yet doing my best wasn't enough, which means there are no reasons to regret losing them!

The sense of guilt you feel after not catching a dream you chased has only one reason; knowing that you didn't do your best.

That's why we always say:

"focus on this moment, try to do your best right now, forget about the past, and even forget about the future; because the moment you're living now is shaping your future one way or the other"

You can combine all goals into a single one; try to do your best all the time; so that you don't regret missing out on anything, nor feel guilt because you've wasted opportunities!

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