Wealth Magnifies Your Personal Problems!


Wealth Magnifies Your personal problems

We often think in a reversed way when it comes to money; instead of saying we have to fix our personal problems to become wealthy, we think that just by acquiring wealth our personal problems will get solved and fade away, and that's totally wrong & delusional.

I suffered from financial issues for most of my life, and I always thought that it was because I didn't have a great income, turns out it was because I had self-destructive habits.

I suffered from financial issues not because I didn't have enough money; but rather because I wasted every penny I got by spending my money on cigarettes, drugs, unnecessary products, daily hangouts, etc.

I always love to explain this idea using "the hole in the bucket" example:

As you can see; this bucket will never get full, but is it because of the lack of water? or because the bucket itself has holes in it?

You must know that not only your problems won't be solved by being rich, but that also wealth will surely magnify your personal problems!

"Are you asking me why?"

Wealth will magnify your flaws because money is a tool that we use as a wish, so if you're an alcoholic what will you do with all the money that you have? If you have bad spending habits what will you be doing all day?

I hope this idea was clear, and I'm ready to answer all of your questions with all pleasure ❤

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