Why Can't You Even Talk About It?

porn addiction

 The first step towards healing from any kind of addiction is to first admit you have a problem that requires adequate time and effort to be resolved, you already knew that one right?

Then why do you keep running from the fact that you might be addicted to porn? Why do you consider it a normal thing to jerk off every day on this crap? Why can't you even talk about it?

You have to be more aware of your problem with porn addiction, talk with a close friend of yours whom you trust, talk to a therapist and write about it in your diary.

Think about what you should do, and how will you be able to help yourself get out of this prison?

Believe me, porn addiction is one of the most common and the same hostile kinds of addiction that has ever existed, and unfortunately, most people live in denial of their problems with porn considering it a normal thing.

Dare yourself to 1) Admit your problem with porn addiction and 2) Never stop trying

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