You Take Drugs Because You Feel Defeated

You Take Drugs Because You Feel Defeated

 One of the most common reasons for drug addiction is; feeling defeated.

We return back to drugs because we refuse our reality, we feel defeated and powerless, and trying to fix our life is a hassle; so it's easier for us to return back to drugs, and live life as it is instead of trying to fix it.

The thing is; by doing so we're digging a deeper hole for ourselves, we're getting ourselves into a worse state, and even the small good things that are found in our life now won't be available for us after a while.

We take drugs to escape our reality because we refuse it, but have you ever thought about accepting your reality? As it is? While knowing also that we can help make a better life for ourselves? And that we can start fixing our lives as well?

Believe me, a much better future waits for you after quitting drugs; life can get 100x better just by removing this bad habit from your routine.

By giving up drugs; you're a much better, stronger, and healthier person, and you'll pave the road for yourself to success so, what are you waiting for??

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